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WCJCC 2011 Study Visit to Latin America, December 19-29

A delegation of senior WCJCC leaders is about to visit Venezuela,
Argentina and Sau Paulo in order to understand better Jewish life
in Latin America and strengthen worldwide partnerships with JCCs across the continent.
As an outgrowth of the successful Tri Center Project WCJCC is launching the "Global Jewish Connections Fellows program." A new and unique program designed for young volunteer leaders from Jewish Community Centers the world over. The program trains Jewish leaders to acquire a global Jewish perspective and to become social entrepreneurs in their own local community. The 13 fellows represent New York, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine.
The program consists of online study, an intensive seminar in Israel and Budapest, a personal project developed with a mentor and is supervised by a worldwide Steering Committee.

The program is supported by the UJA Federation of New York, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Israel New York Connections office. The program is implemented in partnership with PresenTense.

    Visit our program site and blog.
Come join an exciting and innovative new initiative that will benefit your JCC and JCCs worldwide!

The "Amitim- Fellows – A Global Leadership Network" is a three year program designed to develop a group of worldwide Jewish leaders who will bring the idea of Jewish Peoplehood to their communities and beyond. The program will train a select group of 30 JCCs worldwide – 10 from North America, 10 from Israel, 4 from Latin America, 3 from Europe and 3 from FSU – in order to build new and innovative global partnerships. Please find enclosed more details about the program and how to access application forms and board resolution form.

For more information please contact Anna Michel, Program Director, at, Tel. 02-6251265 ext. 7.

Call for Participation: JCCA, EAJCC & JDC, Maccabi & CLAM, IACC & IFCC

WCJCC Balkan Seminar explored past and present Sephardi roots in Istanbul, Sofia, Salonika and Athens, November 2013 WCJCC Balkan Seminar explored past and present Sephardi roots in Istanbul, Sofia, Salonika and Athens, November 2013

The Tri-Center Jewish Week Festival in Gilo, Jerusalem was a great success, with guests from NY and Mexico partner JCCs.

March WCJCC Study Seminar to Buenos Aires and Mexico.

To read the programs click here: Mexico City Buenos Aires
Join Study Visit to Latin America, click Study Visit to Latin America for more details.
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